Ambiance 2 Released March 27, 2020

Ambiance 1 Released October 25, 2019

All songs composed by
Michel Mucklow

Michael Mucklow

Graphic Design
Michael Mucklow

Copyright 2019 Michael Mucklow / ASCAP
Published by Mucklow Productions / ASCAP

Album Notes: 

My first guitar was an Alvarez with nylon strings (a.k.a. classical).  At the time I didn't know how much I liked the tonal sounds of nylon strings as compared to steel string acoustics and electric guitars. But this tone is my favorite above all others, which may seem odd being that all my albums up to this point have minimal use of this type guitar. 

For many years I have wanted to record an album of all nylon string compositions. Now this series, Songs to Colour By, will be just that.  There will be four recordings, each with three songs.

I'm really looking forward to putting these recordings out there for you to hear and hope you will find them to be enjoyable for the quiet moments of your life.

Songs To Colour By: Ambiance 2 was mastered at High Fidelity Mastering by Andy Rugolich.